Languages to build

Languages for the first build

We do not need to support or test all OOo languages with our first build. But in order to ensure that it works correct we should include a localization test as well:

Suggestion : build 5 or 6 locales representing 90% of the downloads ? Add de, fr, es, it, and you are done.

Languages for developer milestones

When it comes to frequently published developer milestones we should think about which languages to include to avoid to build the full set of languages to save build time and mirror space.

The past

The following table shows the set of languages that were chosen in the old OOo project:



Arabic (ar)

to test the behavior of these characters and test RTL writing

English (en-US)

master language

French (fr)

due to historical reasons and to see long strings are fitting to the UI

German (de)

due to historical reasons, there were the most testers, too

Japanese (ja)

to test the behavior of CJK characters and test BIDI writing

Russian (ru)

to test the behavior of Cyrillic characters

The future

For a new list we first have to look for volunteers before choosing the appropriate languages:



English (en-US)

master language

French (fr)

we got several testers ready

Chinese (zh-CN)

this language has the most users

Khmer (km)

to test the behavior of complex text layout (CTL) scripts


  1. We don't have to test all language builds but we should test as many language builds as possible if there are volunteers who want to test their language builds.

    1. I don't understand what will happen with all other languages from OOo.

      1. Hi

        In this build plane we talk not about RC or beta build. We talk about millestones. Millestones are frequently published snapshots who shows the progress in development. We have hed about two millestones per week at the OOo Project. This millestones was used for functional tests. For the moast functional tests the Language is irelevant. To save build time and bandwith, SUN/Oracle produce only the en-US Build and the langpack for same language (listed above).

        Only for RC's we have all language, and I think this will not change in future. So, with the proposal like above, nothing change. You will get your Language for RC build, but not vor millestone.

        Greetings Raphael

      2. All other languages from OOo are in the code (inside .sdf files).

        Once new volunteers will join, maybe they could be built again ?

    2. At the moment, it is possible to build en-US on :

      • Mac OS X (Intel, 10.4 and superior)
      • Linux (Intel, 32 and 64 bits, PowerPC probably too)

      Work in progress : Windows

      We curently are stalled with localized builds, due to some bad thing in the tree, with l10n. Work in progress too.