Identify topics matched to audience; use this page as a planning tool.

I. Introducing Apache OpenOffice

A. Audience = general
B. Purpose - appropriate for a general audience, providing an overview of the project, its value, its organization, a bit about 'how it works' to de-mystify the 'Apache Way', and a call-to-action to learn more providing reference links, etc.
B. Language: English to start

II. Inside Apache OpenOffice Development

A. Audience = developers
B. Purpose - evangelize the project from the developer viewpoint; what's cool about the code; how it's organized; lay out the challenges; call-to-action; e.g. easy hacks, or 'start here' if you're interested;
C. Language: English to start

III. Inside Apache The Web site,  Fora, and Documentation

A. Audience = web masters, fora and end user support leaders, technical writers, and documentation specialists
B. Purpose - attract new volunteers to help with the end user support forums, documentation and learning tools.
C. Language: English to start