add Environment $COMMON_ENV_TOOLS/ modules to lookuplist yesdefined environment variable COMMON_ENV_TOOLSNo import GenInfoParser, IO::Handle defined environment variable CWS_WORK_STAMP then (yesNo set State verbose defined environment variable VERBOSE or verbose then (yesNo enable XML read environment BUILD_TYPEinto array none givenbuild arguments  get scrpit_name set global variabes get Options get build modes get platforms set deliver environment variables is filledVariable prepare  get_workspace_path & initial modul get additional repository directories set by configure instanciate SourceConfig check partial gnu make build html switch & html_path definedis sethtml_path is not defined set correct log path write error information generate_config_file() exit 0 is trueis defined generate_config && (is_defined clear_config || (scalar keys remove_from_config)||(scalar keys add_to_config))  call provide consistency are definedenvironment variables CWS_WORK_STAMP and COMMON_ENV_TOOLS  add "-verbose" to deliver_command is definedhtml  add dlv_switch to deliver_command is defineddlv_switch  raise envoirenment variable mk_tmp by one call get_commands delete file stored in variable cmd_file add echo command to it is definedcmd_file  to be continued