The tool is needed for bandwidth/network testing. It is developed as a servlet and could work outside of OpenMeetings. A user can use the tool for executing network tests. There are five tests available for a user:

1) ping;
2) availability of a required RTMP port;
3) jitter size;
4) download speed;
5) upload speed.

User interface
The client side of the tool is a flash application and reproduced by special indicators set. These indicators will show the status of tests. There are five status types:

1) test does not run yet;

2) test is running;

3) test failed;

4) test passed;

5) test passed and its result is measurable.

Example screenshot

Work scenario
When a user enters the application link (for example, http://host:5080/openmeetings/networktesting.swf10.swf?lzproxied=solo) then the tests start running automatically. Also, a user can click to the corresponding indicator to start a test again (or to stop it).

It is possible to see the log of tests running process. A user should click to the top right button (Copy the log to the clipboard), and for example, paste it the log to the e-mail and send it to his system administrator.

Log example
Ping: start test... http://localhost:5080/openmeetings/testingTools/pingTest
Ping: load time = 407 ms
Ping: load time = 505 ms
Ping: load time = 515 ms
Ping: load time = 509 ms
Ping: load time = 512 ms
Ping: load time = 661 ms
Ping: load time = 518 ms
Ping: load time = 500 ms
Ping: load time = 500 ms
Ping: load time = 503 ms
Ping: report:
Average ping time: 513 ms
Packets received: 10
Packets lost: 0

Port: : start test... rtmp://localhost:1935/openmeetings/hibernate
initiating connection to rtmp://localhost:1935/openmeetings/hibernate
Port: RTMP connect status - timed out

Jitter: start test... http://localhost:5080/openmeetings/testingTools/jitterTest
Jitter: report:
Average time: 450.31 ms
Min time: 18 ms
Max time: 506 ms
Jitter: 55.69 ms and -432.31 ms

Download speed: start test... http://localhost:5080/openmeetings/testingTools/downloadTest
Download speed: report:
Bytes downloaded: 1 Mb
Download time: 0.114 s
Download speed: 8.771929824561402 Mb/s

Upload speed: start test... http://localhost:5080/openmeetings/networktest.upload
Upload speed: report:
Bytes uploaded: 1 Mb
Upload time: 0.089 s
Upload speed: 11.235955056179776 Mb/s

Development notes
If you want to compile the tool then you need to:

1) run ant compile.laszlo.networktesting ;

2) set up the file dist/red5/webapps/openmeetings/networktesting-config.xml ;

3) enter the tool link;

Improvements and fixed problems (change log)

  • Caching http requests. The first implementation of the tool used simple downloading of files from the server. It provides problems with data caching. The tool architecture was reworked not to use persistent files but to use server side of OpenMeetings. The empty servlet NetworkTestingController was improved to generate non cached http responses.
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