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DHTML concept

Wicket 6.xx should be used to have WebSockets available.

1) Refactor given code and project to work with Maven and Wicket to compile a working distribution
2) Refactor all login, dashboard, administration, calendar, private messages to DHTML.
3) The chat in the dashobard will already require a first try how to integrate push / Comet into the client.

In the first iteration: The conference room itself will be loaded as a new popup with the existing SOAP/REST API and as a Flash-Only client.

Once we have finished a substantial part of the login/dashboard, calendar and private messages we can start migrating the conference room itself.

Potentially this could become a semi DHTML enabled solution that we can release as OpenMeetings version 2.5.
Releasing early would be good, we don't have the men-power to maintain and release two tree's.

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