This list is NOT intent to be a list of things new committers have to do! It is just a list of on how to get started with OpenMeetings.

To become a committer with full rights is rather easy:
Solve some issues, show some of your patches, be nice (smile)
The official process is to organize a Vote on the mailing list (Example of a successful vote here)

Here are some ideas that new committers can do to get familiar with OpenMeetings:

  • Improve the documentation, enhance the wiki, discuss about that in the mailing list.
  • Improve the localization (see:
  • Improve the system integration: OpenMeetings provides a command line interface to install and backup import/export. You could use that command line interface to build Debian/Ubuntu/RedHat/Suse/CentOS/Windows/OSx installers. There is also a pre-build Debian packaging script for creating a .deb package.
  • Build a new or improve a plugin or integration. OpenMeetings provides a SOAP/REST interface ( that is the basis for lots of plugins for Moodle, Sakai, ATutor, SugarCRM, Jira, Confluence, Zimbra and a lot more. If you feel like you would like to build your own integration or plugin or improve existing, we are happy to discuss that.
  • Enhance existing code, review, provide patches. You are of course also welcome to start directly fixing bugs and providing patches.
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