All changes to the source code repository are forwarded to the commits@ mailing list. Confluence Wiki allows to subscribe to change notifications of wiki spaces and single pages well. Though this currently requires each user to individually subscribe to such changes. It would be cool to have a mechanism in place to automatically just send changes to Confluence Wiki pages to the commits@ list as well.


  1. Created a technical user profile openwhisk-commits on Confluence Wiki whose EMai address is configured to the commits@ list
  2. Login as openwhisk-commits and visit any of the OpenWhisk Confluence Wiki pages, for example the home page Apache OpenWhisk Project Wiki
  3. Click Watch in the upper right corner of the page
  4. Check Watch all content in this space
  5. Logout from Confluence Wiki

The password for this openwhisk-commits user is currently known to Felix MeschbergerMatt RutkowskiRodric RabbahCarlos Santana, and Dragos Dascalita Haut

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