This is the file where major donations to the OpenWhisk project are listed and it
should be used to give appropriate visibility to those individuals, organizations
or companies that donated resources to the effort. This file wants to be one of
the ways the OpenWhisk community pays back.
Community Credits
The OpenWhisk project code was originally created, designed, developed (under an 
IBM copyright dated 2015-2016) and donated by the IBM Corporation (http://www.ibm.com/)
to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). The following repositories were included in 
the initial donation:
  • openwhisk: 
    • Primary (core) source code repository including platform code, run books, tests and more. 
  • openwhisk-catalog: 
    • Catalog of built-in system, utility, test and sample Actions, Feeds and provider integration services and catalog packaging tooling. 
  • openwhisk-client-js:
    • JavaScript (JS) client library for the OpenWhisk platform.
  • openwhisk-client-swift:
    • Swift-based client SDK for OpenWhisk compatible with Swift 2.x and runs on iOS 9, WatchOS 2, and Darwin.
  • openwhisk-podspecs: 
    • CocoaPods Podspecs repository for ‘openwhisk-client-swift’ subproject. 
  • openwhisk-sdk-docker: 
    • This is an SDK that shows how to create “Black box” Docker containers that can run Action (code).  
  • openwhisk-go-client: 
    • Temporary holding place for a copy of the go-whisk framework until we're able to properly separate it from OpenWhisk core repo
  • openwhisk-package-pushnotifications: 
    • Push notifications to registered devices. (in-progress)
  • openwhisk-package-twilio: 
    • Integration with Twilio. (in-progress)
  • openwhisk-package-jira: 
    • Integration with JIRA events. (in-progress)
  • openwhisk-package-rss: 
    • Integration with RSS feeds.  
  • openwhisk-package-kafka:
    • Integration with Kafka. (in-progress)
  • openwhisk-slackbot-poc: 
    • Deploy a Slackbot with the capability to run OpenWhisk actions  
  • openwhisk.github.io: 
    • Apache OpenWhisk website code built using Jekyll.
  • openwhisk-wskdeploy:
    • Utility for deploying and managing Apache OpenWhisk packages and projects
  • openwhisk-tutorial: 
    • Place to submit interactive tutorials for OpenWhisk, its CLI and packages. Currently, contains Javascript-based tutorial for learning the OpenWhisk CLI.  
  • openwhisk-vscode: 
    • This is a prototype extension for Visual Studio Code that enables complete round trip cycles for authoring OpenWhisk actions inside the editor. 

The API Gateway code was a collaboration project jointly developed by both IBM Corporation 
and Adobe Systems Incorporated and a donation to the Apache OpenWhisk project by both companies.
  • openwhisk-apigateway: A performant API Gateway based on Openresty and NGINX.


IBM Corporation has also donated the name and logo for OpenWhisk (worldwide trademark pending) to the ASF


                          The Apache OpenWhisk Community
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