Apache Pekko follows the Apache way to build the community. Anyone can become a committer once they have contributed sufficiently to the project and earned trust.

Contribute and Earn Trust

Apache Pekko is a meritocracy the same as Apache. Once you have shown sufficient sustained commitment to the project and earned the trust, the PMC may invite you to be a committer.

There are multiple actions other than coding to build the trust in the Pekko community, e.g. code review, design discussion, user support, community outreach, documentation, project management etc.

New Committer Process

The Pekko community follows the Apache Community’s process on accepting a new committer.

  • Start the vote in @private.
  • If the vote passes, send an offer to become a committer with @private CC’ed.
  • Use Whimsy tool to setup access.
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