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Installing Apache Kylin

Enabling Ranger Kylin Plugins

a. We’ll start by extracting our Ranger plugin build at the appropriate place (/usr/local).

cd /usr/local
sudo tar zxvf ~/ranger/target/ranger-1.1.0-SNAPSHOT-kylin-plugin.tar.gz 
sudo ln -­s ranger-1.1.0-SNAPSHOT-kylin-plugin ranger-kylin-plugin
cd ranger-kylin-plugin

b. Now let’s edit the file. Here are the relevant lines that you should edit

  • Change the file
POLICY_MGR_URLhttp://localhost:6080Pull the address of the Ranger policy
REPOSITORY_NAMEkylindevKylin service name
COMPONENT_INSTALL_DIR_NAME/opt/ZDH/parcels/lib/kylinKylin component installed directory

Whether to save the audit log

true: save the audit log

false: do not save the audit log

XAAUDIT.SOLR.URLhttp://localhost:8983/solr/ranger_auditsThe address of the audit log
CUSTOM_USERkylinThe user of installing the kylin component
CUSTOM_GROUPkylinThe user group of installing the kylin component

c. Now enable the kylin-plugin by running the command  using root user(Remember to set JAVA_HOME before running the command)

cd /usr/local/ranger-kylin-plugin

d.Restart apache kylin

e. Restart apache ranger.

sudo ranger-admin restart

f.Verify install result

  • Check whether the kylin_kylindev.json file exists under the /etc/ranger/kylindev/policycache directory.
  • Check the kylin plugin status on the Plugins tab page of the Audit function on the Ranger Web page


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