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One name for Namespaces, Projects, Assemblies, Folders and NuGets

  • Whenever possible, related items in REEF.NET shall share the same name.
  • The same name is also used for the folder that contains the project
  • Sub-Namespaces are created as folders in the Project.
  • For example, Tang is in the Project Org.Apache.REEF.Tang, which produces the DLL Org.Apache.REEF.Tang.dll, all classes within are in the Namespace Org.Apache.REEF.Tang.

Project List

Project / Namespace / Artifact NameTypeContentsNotes
Org.Apache.REEF.Tang.ToolsEXETang tools (e.g. the class hierarchy builder) 
Org.Apache.REEF.CommonDLLCommon code shared between Driver and Evaluator 
Org.Apache.REEF.ExamplesDLLREEF ExamplesWe might create additional projects in sub-namespaces for large examples
Org.Apache.REEF.Tests?Integration tests

This is the equivalent to the integration test suite found in the Java module reef-tests.

Not sure whether this is an EXE or Test project.

Org.Apache.REEF.UtilitiesDLLHelper classes. This project may not have dependencies. 
Org.Apache.REEF.NetworkDLLNetworking Services for REEF 
Org.Apache.REEF.ClientLibDLLClient library for REEF: Job submission and managementThis essentially calls the Java code to do the work, probably via a basic command line interface implemented in Java.
Org.Apache.REEF.ClientEXECommand line client for REEFWe don't have this yet.

Unit Tests

Every of the above projects has a test-project associated with it. Test projects have the same name as the project they test, with the added suffix Tests. The Tang tests can e.g. be found in Org.Apache.REEF.Tang.Tests.

The project Org.Apache.REEF.Tests contains integration tests.

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