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REEF commit messages are very stylized. They are valid Markdown and contain:

  1. A first line referencing the JIRA and a short summary of what change was done. Focus on the change, not on the bug.
  2. A paragraph or more describing the change. Here, focus on the why?, not the what?
  3. A formal reference to the JIRA.
  4. A formal reference to the pull request.


Sample commit message
[REEF-33] Allow Tasks to initiate an Evaluator Heartbeat

  This adds the class HeartBeatTriggerManager which can be used by a Task to
  initiate an Evaluator Heartbeat. It is used by injecting it into the Task.
Pull Request:
  Closes #24

As a contributor

  • Please make sure the commit message matches the above template.
  • Do not add the pull request number, as it will be known only once you file the PR.

As a committer

  • Please check the commit message. It is easy to have the URL or such wrong for a JIRA
  • Add the pull request number to the commit before merging.
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