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cswish is a struts plug-in based on SSH(struts2,spring,hibernate), it brings all kind of 'ZERO' to your application - zero configuration, zero page, zero action, zero DAO...
Yes, for the simple general business, it's the only job to write your hibernate model.

Project is hosted at

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  1. starfeng AUTHOR

    Zero is only from developer view, in fact, the reason for ZERO is the plug-in help you processed these things. so, maybe you feel we back to 1998 and use JSP + JavaBean to do the simple job, however, that's no true. maybe it's similar with POJO run in the EJB3 container, it's only simple business object without the ejb container, it has all kinds of EJB ability after put it to EJB container. similar, the domain object will have all kinds of SSH ability after it put to SSH(with cswish plug-in) environment, such as: parameter populate , auto-validation, auto-display page, generic CRUD etc...