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Javascript References

Opensource libraries / frameworks

  • Dojo Toolkit An ambitious project started by the authors of several previous JS libraries. It aims to provide core utilities for XmlHttpRequest handling, event handling, accessibility / usability with back and forward button handling, etc. in addition to a set of rich UI widgets.
  • DWR Direct Web Remoting - provides data binding and serialization between Java and Javascript
  • Javascript Templates - allows you to define a text template much like Velocity, but in Javascript, then pass it the data to generate some text (HTML). Trimpath also has some other very cool stuff, but it's all GPL, whereas the JS Templates has been dual-licensed as Apache 2.0 as well.
  • JSON-RPC Exposes Java objects for simple XmlHttpRequest remote invocation.
  • Jsolait An OO framework for Javascript
  • Tool-man examples - Great examples including drag-n-drop sorting and edit in place.

Examples / Sources

Tools and Utilities

Web Sites / Articles

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