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  • JQuery Ajax Tags Plugin Proposal
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Why jQuery?

  • Mature and stable
  • Widely adopted
  • Used by several committers
  • Easy to use and learn
  • Large Community
  • ...

What Tags should we include?

  • Base
    • Div
    • Anchor
    • Form/Submit
  • All supported/official Widgets?
    • Tabs
    • Date Picker
    • Dialog
    • Accordion
    • Progressbar
    • Slider
  • All supported/official Interactions?
    • Dragable
    • Dropable
    • Resizeable
    • Selectable
    • Sortable

There is some consensus that only supported/official jQuery widgets should be supported. The set of tags should be kept small and simple.

Other code

  • Topics: this feature has proven to be very easy to use and flexible, so we should have it (and the current Dojo plugin has it)

Things to do/avoid (learned from the Dojo experience)

  • Keep the tags simple, for the simple use cases
  • Write a cookbook kind of documentation for common uses cases (like the one for Dojo)
  • DO NOT try to fix any bugs in jQuery by extending their code and doing our own fixes, this ends up becoming a huge mess.

X Files

  • Commit rights for original authors ???

To Do

  • Move the code through IP Clearance
  • Bring code into sandbox
  • Add tests if necessary (Consensus on Selenium tests)
  • Document and add examples to Showcase
  • Bring into trunk (after voting etc etc)
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