If you used the nested tags a lot in struts 1.x, you may be surprised to find that there is no equivalent
in Struts 2. Have no fear, it is possible to replicate the functionality in Struts 2.

Action Class :

 List<MyBean> beanList;

and in the resulting jsp:

<s:form     action="/myaction" >

<!-- ... ->

  <s:iterator value="beanList"  id="beantList" status="stat"  >

  <s:hidden    name="beanList[%{#stat.index}].beanID"  value="%{beanID}"  />

<!-- yeah, good ol' LabelValueBeans can still be used , just remember to use listKey="value" listValue="label"  -->

  <s:select name = "beanList[%{#stat.index}].beanStatus"  list="LVBList" listKey="value" listValue="label"  value="%{beanStatus}"/>


on submit I access my List of beans with

List mysubmittedList  = getBeantList() ;