• - Commercial Wiki and knowledge management system using WebWork 2.0, Hibernate, Spring, and Velocity
  • - With over 1100 customers, Jive Software's Forums and Knowledge Base products both use WebWork 2.1+ and are some of the largest deployments of WebWork
  • - an open source rapid web application develop system using WebWork 2.0, Hibernate, Spring, and Velocity
  • - Online Pharmacy
  • - Enterprise Collabaration Suite uses Struts 2.1.8, Jboss, My SQL. All open source technologies.
  • - last minute Autralian car rentals
  • - an open source web based reporting application that uses WebWork 2.0, Velocity, and Hibernate
  • eSage Group is a consulting company that uses it for all their client engagements. Additionally, its used for their internal systems
  • - Polish Film Portal
  • - WebWork is used in TeraMedica's commercial Evercore product, which provides DICOM and non-DICOM content management for the healthcare enterprise.
  • EBIA COBRA and 401K Benefits Site provides law reviews for employee benefits like COBRA and 401K. The site moved from all struts to a current architecture of about 50% WebWork and 50% Struts. We are trying to move it all over to WebWork. This site is also a great example of porting from Tiles to SiteMesh.
  • - Identity Management Framework that provides single sign-on for J2EE and .NET web applications.
  • - Retail site of shipper of fresh Florida (USA) citrus.
  • JavaEye Reporting Tool - An open-source, web-based database reporting tool. It allows you to create reports without any programming (though you'll need SQL knowledge). It's a lightweight reporting environment, the report can be created to quickly share information via web.
  • Dating-site - Commercial dating site (BE, dutch) ww2.1.7, hibernate
  • Agility Issue and Bug Tracker - Bug tracking software that makes heavy use of WW's Ajax Framework. Take a look at the dashboard for great examples of what can be done with WW.
  • JavaBB - phpBB like forum system. Written and used at Javafree brazillian community.
  • CRI - A pharmecutical marketing compliance application.
  • Logicd.com - A logistics, shipping management, tracking, supply-chain management application.
  • - Green Array empowers managers at every level, in every organization. Green Array's web-hosted software solution is a simple, fast, scalable way to improve visibility, collaboration and to accelerate team performance. Integrated SWT client and WebWork 2.2 html dashboard with Hibernate persistence.
  • - A directory of local wedding professionals.
  • AppFuse version 2.0 and Equinox - Both allow you to get started with Struts 2.0, Spring and Hibernate quickly and easily.
  • Connecture - Connecture is the leading provider of integrated web-based sales and service automation solutions for the health and benefits insurance industry.
  • storageim - storageim is an open source storage resource management application based on SNIA's SMI-S initiative.
  • literar.org - literar.org is an open community for writers. Using Struts 2.
  • Lagerverkauf-Finden - German Searchsite for factory outlet stores. Based on a custom developed lucene based nosql database and running on tomcat.
  • HandyBundle-Finden - German site for mobile phone bundles. Based on a custom developed lucene based nosql database and running on tomcat.
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    The Protein Data Bank (http://www.pdb.org) uses WebWork2.

  2. this is an excellant page for developers in java who are focussing on product based development