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  • Sentry Webserver Kerberos Authentication and Authorization Configuration
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Sentry Webserver now supports Kerberos Authentication and Authorization. Currently Sentry web server mainly provides metric data, in future, rest api will also use it. Here are the configurations for enable Kerberos Authentication and Authorization for web server.


Sentry Service (sentry-site.xml)

Enable Sentry Web Server

Config PropertyValueDefaultRequired


Config PropertyValueDefaultRequired
sentry.service.web.authentication.kerberos.principalThe principal name(HTTP/$FQDN@REALM)-Yes
sentry.service.web.authentication.kerberos.keytabFile path of keytab file-Yes


Config PropertyValueDefaultRequired
sentry.service.web.authentication.allow.connect.usersComma-separated list of users allowed to connectsentryYes



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