Using the state machine could keep the Alpha transaction states tracing code simple . We could also use it to trace the command sending states.

Here are some feature requirement of the StateMachine:

  • Statemachine should handle timeout dynamically
  • Statemachine should support message(event) persistent
  • Support to the states of transaction from outside
  • Statemachine should have cluster support

Saga States:


   → LocalTransaction ...

   → SagaTransaction

        → LocalTransaction ...

Actor could send message to its parent to notify the state change of transactions, we just need to trace the "SagaStarted",  "SagaAborted", "SagaEnded", "SagaComponsited","TxStarted","TxFailed","TxEnded", "TxComponsited".  

We could also add "SagaSuspended" if we need that.

more details

JIRA:  SCB-1258 - Getting issue details... STATUS

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