The Apache Sling project has a lot of git repositories (one for every module) which suits the modular approach of the project very well.

Creating a new Git repository works well using the self-service approach from

However, the features listed below are missing and not possible as "self-service".

When ASF Infrastructure agreed to let Sling create its more than 300 GitHub repositories we said we'd be willing to help expand services instead of bothering Infra with many requests for specific operations that are currently not self-service. So here we are, discussing what we need.

People from other projects are more than welcome to collaborate by describing desired features below and hopefully helping if we decide to implement these things.

(tick) Update GitHub repository topicsWe want to make it easier for our users filtering for groups of repositories belonging together.
Repository topics would solve this.
2019-09-05 - Solved via Git - .asf.yaml features
(tick) Update GitHub repository description and URL2019-09-05 - Solved via Git - .asf.yaml features
Archive/Unarchive a GitHub repositoryFrom time to time we deprecate modules. We do not want to delete their repositories but rather lock them down and make it clear that they are no longer maintained. The GitHub archive feature would fulfill this.
Disable JIRA Integration

By default GitHub pull request creation/closing and any comments are added as comments to the linked Jira issues. Since this is also sent to the mailing list there is lots of unwanted noise. We have asked infra once to change this setting ( INFRA-16219 - Getting issue details... STATUS ) but this only had effect for existing repositories.

(tick) Jenkins Github hook configuration

We are moving to a Github-centric Jenkins model ( SLING-7245 - Getting issue details... STATUS ) which would issue a large number of GitHub API requests to check for branches to build. Enabling hooks would solve this problem, but it would have to happen for all existing repos and automatically for new ones as well. Fixed with INFRA-17660 - Getting issue details... STATUS

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