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  • Hackathon in Berlin - September 2019
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Location: pro!vision GmbH, Berlin (Charlottenburg), Germany
Date: September 5th, 2019


Proposed topics:

TopicSummaryParticipantsProposed duration
Sling 12 themes

CI experienceWhere does the current CI experience fall short? Implement quick wins and design more long-term changes if needed1h
Committer CLIDiscuss and potentially demo the committer CLI. Polish/implement new features.1h
Minimal Sling instancesBreak Apache Sling into features, based on the Sling feature model, and propose different types of Sling applications - e.g. rendering instances with custom code, content authoring instances, etc.1h

State of the Sling feature model

Deprecation candidates

Quickly skim through the list of Sling Modules and make a deliberate decision about deprecating them. Also quickly discuss how to tag/reference them in and in and on Github (e.g. categories[0].

[0] -


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