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Here is a list of the really cool features of Sling:

  • totally RESTful: resources = resource tree ~= JCR + default HTTP methods already implemented
  • thin server architecture: no need for complicated object models to get from URL to relational db storage
  • resource thinking everywhere: server code can access resources (eg. include them) freely in the same way as requests are handled
  • if JCR is not enough, the resource tree can be extended by code that resolves specific resources in a completely different way
  • full filter pipeline, both for pre-request and post-request handling (and in both scripts and Java)
  • support for many scripting languages (Javascript, Ruby, Python, etc.) - for quick development
  • support for Java servlets - for IDE support
  • more uptime through OSGi - updates at runtime!
  • controlled software lifecycle management through versionized OSGi bundles
  • import/export of resource data via JSON natively - great for AJAX apps
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