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Contains slew of bug fixes that are tracked in the change log.

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Release notes

  • Bug
    • SM-822 - java.lang.IllegalStateException: component is not owner, with jmsflow and jcaflow
    • SM-915 - FTP poller stalls with threads waiting on PlainSocketImpl.socketAccept()
    • SM-1051 - servicemix.bat contains unix style environment variables, instead of all windows style environment variables
    • SM-1119 - Encoding problem in text returned by HTTP-SU
    • SM-1124 - Message content silently dropped when conversion fails
    • SM-1131 - Redeployment fails for Geronimo integration
    • SM-1132 - No clean shutdown of ServiceMix
    • SM-1143 - Both wsdl-first-sa projects have the same artifactId
    • SM-1144 - Error in writeDetails method when I need return fault messages
    • SM-1145 - NoClassDefFound ( when deploying the Camel example
    • SM-1149 - the resource path shouldn't include any "target" to avoid being filtered when build the src kit
    • SM-1151 - LwContainer test has the version number hard coded inside
  • Improvement
    • SM-180 - Update JavaDoc link on in website template
    • SM-810 - Create single complete ServiceMix Shared Library
  • Task
    • SM-1146 - Change servicemix repo url due to the svn relation out of the incubator area

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For a more detailed view of new features and bug fixes, see the changelog


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