17:00 UTC

A Google Meet Invite link will be shared in the-asf Slack #solr-dev and also provided by David Smiley if asked.


Meeting housekeeping

  • Record!
  • Apache projects make decisions in public, not in invite-only meetings
  • Next meetings: agree on quarterly?  Agree on Thursday?  Agree on Smiley hosting?  Time-of-day... a challenge; maybe we should mix it up to be India friendly.
  • Next meeting: pre-invite all committers to the calendar invite.  Not difficult if one person always host the meeting (Smiley doesn't mind); next host will have to get the list from previous host.  Going one-by-one would be a PITA with so many "committers" (mostly historical contributors)

Theme: 9.0 Release!

Discussion items, all 9.0

If attendees wish to discuss some particular JIRA issues to be done for 9.0 (whether they are currently marked as "Blocker" or not), let's list them here?:


SOLR-14660 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • Modularize HDFS.  WIP; Contributor stalled but says will continue; ETA?

SOLR-12901 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Highlighting SmileyMake UnifiedHighlighter the default.  Maybe strip the config out of the other highlighters out of solrconfig.xml in order to drive down that file size?

SOLR-15880 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Neural SearchBenedettiIntroduce Dense Vector Indexing
Introduce KNN query parser

SOLR-15556 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Ref GuideCassanda (+ help needed)Replace Jekyll and also re-organize

SOLR-15917 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Contribs / modulesJanStop using the misleading term "contrib", instead call these "modules" (as in official party features maintained by us - that will later be available as 1st party packages) 

QA current release blockers

Some of the current blockers have seen little or no developer interest. Each blocker should either have an Assignee or be removed from the list. Here is the current blocker list:

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

Other Topics?

Note that there will be more frequent meetings like this; so we needn't feel compelled to fit in more in this meeting.

  • CHANGES.txt → can we abandon it? I don't commit every day to Solr (as many other committers), and when I do I always have to remember what is the right procedure for editing the CHANGES.txt and the most annoying part is when you cherry-pick from main to a separate branch. (Alessandro Benedetti )
  • Documenting changes in general.  CHANGES.txt, solr-upgrade-notes.adoc, major-changes-in-solr-9.adoc.  Do we document the procedure/expectations anywhere?

Action items

  • Smiley to schedule the next meetings!  Every 3 months on a Thursday?