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 (Absolutely) Low priority:
10 minmulti shard join

as-is: Solr can join single shard fully replicated collection to multy-shard collection, but

proposal: why can't we join multy-shard collection SOLR-16717; introducing AffinityPlugin.withCollectoinShards

Feedback: worth to pursue 

10 minJSON QParser

as-is: JSON queries translated into {!qtype local=params}etc 

proposal: introduce new plugin type JQParser consuming json map and yielding Lucene query right there?

Feedback: Need a concrete example/challenge

10 minmultiword synonyms with intervals

was: mv-synonyms triggers nested span queries

as-is: after LUCENE-9207 it build disjunction of cartesian over substitutions. Heavy corporate users hit TooManyClausesEtc

proposal: switch back to nested subqueries but use IntervalQuery intead of spans then. Alan Woodward replied why it's wrong, but his argument hasn't reach my heart

Feedback: Intervals might work different in comparison to spans, need to go through tests.

10minModern Solr UI

as-is: Solr's Admin UI was built using AngularJS, an unsupported library that loads and executes and entire app of complex JavaScript code in the client. New techniques and frameworks have emerged that will allow for improved security, modularity, testing, and overall developer productivity.

proposal: move to incrementally re-write existing functionality in a new web app using NextJS and React, beginning with the authentication experience. There is a document to follow prior to the meeting.

Short Document on Framework Selection:

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