The DirectSolrSpellChecker is a spell checker that doesn't require building a separate, parallel index in order.


Specifies the number of changes that are allowed between the search term and the suggestions. This value can only be 1 or 2. It defaults to 2, and setting it to 1 will reduce the number of suggestions possible.


Specify the minimum number of characters that the original search term and its suggestions should share. Setting this to a higher value will reduce the number of suggestions possible.


This argument specifies the maximum number of possible matches to review before returning results; the default is 5.


Defines how many characters must be in the query before suggestions are provided; the default is 4.


Defines the maximum threshold for the number of documents a term must appear in before being considered as a suggestion. This can be a percentage (".01" or "1%" are equivalent), or an absolute value ("5"). A lower threshold is better for small indexes.

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