14 December 2015, Apache Solr™ 5.4 available

Solr is the popular, blazing fast, open source NoSQL search platform
from the Apache Lucene project. Its major features include powerful
full-text search, hit highlighting, faceted search, dynamic
clustering, database integration, rich document (e.g., Word, PDF)
handling, and geospatial search.  Solr is highly scalable, providing
fault tolerant distributed search and indexing, and powers the search
and navigation features of many of the world's largest internet sites.

Solr 5.4 is available for immediate download at:

Please read CHANGES.txt for a full list of new features and changes:

Solr 5.4 Release Highlights:

New Features

UI Changes
 * The rearchitected Admin UI is now prominently linked to from the 
   existing UI, and includes support for managing collections as well 
   as creating and removing fields via the schema tab. Expect it to 
   be default in the next release.

API Features
 * New Collections APIs for migrating from clusterstate.json to 
   per-collection state.json and forcing the election of a leader 
   when all replicas in a shard are down.
 * A new configset management API has been added.

Querying Features
 * Filter cache is now accessible via a solr query syntax.
 * ScoreJoins can now refer to a single-sharded collection that is 
   replicated on all nodes.
 * Add boost support, and 'exclude the queried document' in MoreLikeThis 
 * Add a 'sort' local param to the collapse QParser to support using 
   complex sort options to select the representitive doc for each 
   collapsed group.

Other Features
 * SolrJ now has support for connecting to Solr using basic authentication.
 * Analyzing suggesters can now filter suggestions by a context field.
 * JSON Facet API: add "method" param to terms/field facets to give an 
   execution hint for what method should be used to facet.
 * CloneFieldUpdateProcessorFactory now supports choosing a "dest" field 
   name based on a regex pattern and replacement init options.
 * Provide pluggable context tool support for VelocityResponseWriter.

Further details of changes are available in the change log available at:

Please report any feedback to the mailing lists (http://lucene.apache.org/solr/discussion.html)

Note: The Apache Software Foundation uses an extensive mirroring network for distributing releases. It is possible that the mirror you are using may not have replicated the release yet. If that is the case, please try another mirror. This also applies to Maven access.
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