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Solr 3.2

Solr 3.2 was released June 2011

If you found a link to this page in some documentation, it was placed there to alert you to the fact that it described a feature that was first introduced in the Solr 3.2 release.


Release Highlights

  • Ability to specify overwrite and commitWithin as request parameters when
    using the JSON update format.
  • TermQParserPlugin, useful when generating filter queries from terms
    returned from field faceting or the terms component.
  • DebugComponent now supports using a NamedList to model Explanation objects
    in its responses instead of Explanation.toString.
  • Improvements to the UIMA and Carrot2 integrations
  • Highlighting performance improvements
  • A test-framework jar for easy testing of Solr extensions.
  • Bugfixes and improvements from Apache Lucene 3.2
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