Jeff Rodenburg created a C# API for interoperation with Solr. The API supports:

  • Adding, updating and deleting documents from a solr index.
  • Configuration support for multiple solr instances.
  • Flags for Read/Write modes in support of solr replication.
  • Search queries that return strongly-typed objects
  • Support for facets

Update December 30 2007:
SolrSharp has a new home @ The source code is available through the codeplex repository, as well as a zipped distribution. Please use the discussion forum and other services at

Many thanks to the Solr community for initially giving us a home here on the Solr wiki and to Ryan for hosting the source code under subversion.

Comments, if you use solrsharp with newer version of solr , you may get the object null reference error. Object reference not set to an instance of an object. check this out.

SolrSharp seems to be unmaintained. The last commit was in June 2009, last release was December 2007. The project has been forked and updated here Or zetaclear. Alternatively, use SolrNet, another Solr client for .NET

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