Unsubscribing steps

Subscribing and unsubscribing are handled automaticly using the Apache EZMLM list manager. Please see the Discussion page of the Solr website for the specific subscribe/unsubscribe addresses for each list.

A few tips to be aware of...

  • Sending an unsubscribe request will trigger an automated response requesting verification. You must reply to the special email address that sends this automated verification requests in order to complete the request.
  • Simple unsubscribe requests only work if the request from the exact address used to subsribe – not an alternate address that forwards to your current address. If the address you attempt to unsubscribe is not currently in the subscriber list, the automated email response will mention this.
  • Ensure that you send a plain text email to the unsubscribe address (as opposed to using HTML emails), as this reduces the chance of your request being considered spam.
  • If a quick and Simple unsubscribe doesn't work, try sending an email to name-of-list-help@lucene.apache.org (ie "solr-user-help@lucene...") and read the additional instructions there.

If you are unable to unsubscribe through the automated email system, then in a worst case scnerio, you can contact the "list owners" at name-of-list-owner@lucene.apache.org (ie: solr-user-owner@lucene...). In order for the list owners to help, you need to provide information to help us understand what went wrong...

  • Did you try emailing name-of-list-help@lucene.apache.org (ie: solr-user-help@lucene...) first?
  • Did you get any automated response when you emailed name-of-list-unsubscribe@lucene.apache.org (ie: solr-user-unsubscribe@lucene...) ?
  • Did you get any response after replying with verification?
  • Did the reply get caught in your spam filter?

In order for the list owners to intervene and manually unsubscribe you, you need to provide the "Return-Path" header from an example message you are recieving from the list(s) that you wish to unsubscribe to – if there are multiple lists, then you need to provide an example of the "Return-Path" header from at least one message on each list.

(warning) :TODO: would be nice to have some sanitized examples for each bullet point of exactly what these emails/headers look like

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