Apache SpamAssassin report to Board for June 2019

SpamAssassin is a mail filter to identify spam. The project provides a
framework/engine and regular rule updates that reflect the changing nature of
spam email seen in the wild. Updated rules are generated through a combination
of hand crafted contributions and automated processing of spam and anonymized
processed non-spam that are contributed by volunteers.

Status and health report:

The project activities, including running of our rule update infrastructure
and our dev and user mailing lists, are continuing smoothly.

We are still making slow progress to a release of SpamAssassin 3.4.3. We have
posted a release candidate, but there are a number of remaining issues we want
to complete for the actual release.

Our GSOC 2019 student is doing well. Apache Singa has joined to help with
statistical classification models. Thanks to Moaz Reyad and Wang Wei for
joining Kevin A. McGrail to guide Shreyansh Shrivastava.
Shreyansh has been blogging about the experience:


The last release was Apache SpamAssassin version 3.4.2 on 16 September 2018.
We are close to releasing version 3.4.3 to address some issues that were
deferred, in part so we could quickly release security fixes in 3.4.2. After
we release 3.4.3 we expect to resume development in our main branch for 4.0.

Note that we maintain online rule updates that are continuously updated
through a combination of developer contributions and automated processing via
our mass-check facility.

Committer/PMC changes:

Most recent new committer:

Paul Stead (pds) 12 September 2018

Most recent new PMC members:

Giovanni Bechis (gbechis) 24 Sep 2018
Henrik Krohns (hege) 25 Sep 2018
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