Asking Questions

The best place to ask further questions that aren't already answered here is the SpamAssassin 'users' mailing list. Subscription details, and the list posting address, can be found at MailingLists.

You will probably be asked to describe your email infrastructure (which MTA you use, and how SA is "glued" onto it) and to provide sample message(s) that illustrate the problem.

If you have a sample message that illustrates a problem, don't send it directly to the list. Instead, upload the complete message (including all headers - don't just cut-and-paste the body text and message subject from your mail client's preview window) to a public file hosting service like pastebin or to a webserver you control, and include the URL for that in your message to the list. It's okay to make small changes to the message headers to preserve the privacy of the recipient or to hide details of your internal network layout, but if those changes may affect analysis of the cause of the problem you may be asked to provide an unmodified copy of the message to the SA team in private.

If you're asking about why a message you are sending is being blocked, the sample you provide will need to be from the recipient's end, so that we can see the message as SA is seeing it. Providing only a copy of the body text you are sending is not sufficient for complete analysis.

Please read FrequentlyAskedQuestions before posting! If you ask a FAQ, it's very likely nobody will answer your mail (or will answer sarcastically).