Changes in 3.0.2

(additional ChangeLogs)

bug 4015: rpmbuild find perl(DBI) as requirement

bug 4005: Yahoo groups messages flagged as forged

bug 4030: incapable Net::DNS module usage should be a warning, not a debug

bug 2462: detect legitimate SMTP AUTH submission, to avoid false positives on Dynablock-style rules; thanks to Daryl C. W. O'Shea for the patch

Bug 4019: Needed to add in RPAD call wherever token was used in a select

bug 3961: Docu fix for two contradicting explanations of the -x switch. Plus some small wordsmithing.

Rewrite information about free VC++ downloads to include the need to and how to get and install nmake

bug 4014: change spamcop_submission_address to correct name, spamcop_to_address

have the URIDNSBL plugin handle both head and body evals as a kluge from 3.0.0

bug 3990: two small regexp errors in RegistrarBoundaries

bug 3967: fix performance issues with USERPASS and RATWARE_STORM_URI

Bug 3953: Provide better debug output for sa-learn --restore

bug 3816: deal with 'rewrite_header Subject' markup when no Subject header previously existed

bug 3950: Exim 'sender_fullhost' var was not recognized by Received header parser; fixed

bug 3942: EvalTests::_check_recipients() would sometimes parse out the wrong addresses/overwrite entries on the array/etc.

bug 3648: make sure that the read in config has a newline at the end of the last line

bug 3941: spamcop now only wants max 2 day old mail

bug 3922: fix 'make test' failure on Solaris

bug 3931: disable the 'plugin inhibited further callbacks' debug message. it doesn't share any useful information, and clutters up the debug output.

bug 3930: uridnsbl plugin didn't respect the uridnsbl_max_domains value, nor did it allow it as a configuration option even though it's in the documentation...

bug 3928: trivial rule fix for MSCRM

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