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Items that are required for optimal operation of SpamAssassin

  • internal_networks - especially for ISPs with mail submission MTAs, this is essential to avoid false positives on customer mail

Items that are *not* required but beneficial

  • use_bayes - to turn on and off the Bayesian subsystem entirely
  • rewrite_header, add_header - These options affect the way messages are tagged as spam or non-spam. This makes it easy to identify incoming mail.
  • ok_locales - If you expect to receive mail in non-ISO-8859 character sets (ie. Chinese, Cyrillic, Japanese, Korean, or Thai) then set this.
  • dns_available - specify if DNS is available for network testing (accepts: yes, no, test).

Items that are often tweaked but unnecessary

  • required_hits - set the score required for SpamAssassin to flag a message as spam (default 5).