Digitalinfo Networks MailPoint is a high performance, appliance-based spam and email content filtering solution.

Key features:

  • Filters spam using an extensive rule-based scoring system and Bayesian heuristics. Filters >%95 of spam out-of-the-box, with virtually no false-positives
  • Ability to easily leverage several 3rd party RBLs and spam verification services for enhanced accuracy
  • Flexible custom content blocking includes blocking on content in the header, subject, or message body, file attachment names or extensions, and network and email address whitelists and blacklists
  • A flexible email quarantine ensures that no messages are ever lost
  • Appliance based solution means no software to install, and installation is quick and easy
  • Easy clustering of appliances for scalability and redundancy
  • Security of a hardened Linux OS
  • Cost-effective solution with no per-user licensing fees

MailPoint is positioned between the Internet and your mail servers. Spam and other malware is blocked at your network's edge, keeping it off of your mail servers. More details at