3.2.0 Release Schedule

This is flexible, but gives a rough outline of our current schedule and plans (proposal).

Thursday Jan 18 2007: issue prerelease (thread, decided to issue a non-release tarball instead). announce a heads-up mail (here). clean up our corpora, get ready for mass-checking, try out mass-check to spot any big memory leaks or whatnot, fix remaining bugs that affect mass-checks (esp bug 5260!), get people signed up, enable all rules in svn.

Thursday Jan 25: start --bayes --net mass-checks (thread) (procedure described at RescoreDetails)

Tuesday Feb 6: hopefully finish mass-checks, bugs allowing (wink) (note that includes two weekends.)

*Tuesday Feb 6*


some future date after that: once we are happy with an RC (this could take several RCs), redo that RC as a full release.

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