Commercial Vendors Offering Spam Filtering and Email Hosting

Too complex to do it yourself? Would you rather have your email hosted or have a front end spam filtering service clean your email for you, and pass the good email on to your existing server? Here is a list of vendors who provide spam filtering services based on Spamassassin.

Spam Filtering Front End Services

These are services that clean your email for you and forward the good email to your server. That way you don't have to do it yourself. You point your MX record to their servers and all your incoming email goes to them, they clean it, and send it on to you.

  • AllEmail - is a pop3/pop3s proxy service which filters your mailbox and quarantines spam and virus infected messages. It doesn't require any software installation and is compatible with every e-mail client.
  • Blacknight - offers a gateway service to business which uses SpamAssassin and other technologies to filter email for spam, viruses, malware and phishing fraud. Also offers hosting with virus and spam filtering.
  • CleanMail Hosted Anti-Spam - Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus filtering service, uses a wide range of email filters to protect Microsoft Exchange, IMail, Lotus Domino/Notes or any other mail server against all kinds of junk mail containing spam, viruses and phishing attacks.
  • - filters inbound and outbound mail at internet level, eliminating spam and malware before it reaches your network. reduces business costs, optimises your network capacity and eliminates the dangers of malicious email.
  • ContentCatcher - Filtering email for businesses with a personal touch. We use multiple technologies for AntiSpam (including SpamAssassin) and virus detection. Tell us how intrusive or how relaxed you want to be and we will customize our system to fit your needs. We support your users, so you do not have to. Free 30 day trial, month to month Contracts, and customer references that asked us to be references!
  • CronLab Anti-Spam Hardware Appliances and Hosted Solution - CronLab's solutions are highly efficient yet very simple and offering great value for money. CronLab’s anti-spam solutions have recently been rated 5 stars and recommended by several leading IT magazines. VB Spam certified. Country specific clusters are deployed ensuring an efficient filtering for businesses of all sizes. Furthermore, all emails up to 30 days old can be searched. Have full control of the service through a powerful administration interface which enables you to manage accounts. Optional add-on features include Email Attachment Saver and White Labeling.
  • emailcloud - emailcloud is a premium spam filtration service which works by filtering your email before you download it, thus saving you the time, bandwidth and hassle of dealing with your spam emails.
  • EveryCloud Spam Filtering - Cloud-based email filtering service for businesses. Protecting employees from spam, viruses, ransomware, and fraud attempts.
  • FilterPoint - is a relay service for whole domains that uses various techniques, including SpamAssassin, to block spam and includes anti-virus for free.
  • Heluna offers e-mail security for small to medium businesses, geared towards non-technical users. Heluna offers a low-cost alternative to more traditional antispam vendors. The Heluna service offers unlimited users, and is priced based upon the amount of "clean" (non-spam, non-virus) e-mail that your domain receives.
  • Hosted CanIt Antispam from Roaring Penguin Software Inc. (authors of the acclaimed MIMEDefang Filtering Framework) is a complete hosted filtering solution for both inbound and outbound mail. The multi-tenant architecture is perfect for resellers and MSPs and we offer a free 30-day trial.
  • Junk Email Filter Dot Com - Front end spam filtering service. Servers use Exim based rules and features multi-level spam classification. Most spam is detected by the behavior of the spammer rather than the content of the message avoiding false positives. Multiple MX servers in multiple locations avoids single point of failure and ensures 100% system uptime. Wholesale spam filtering services for ISPs and data centers as well as individual domain owners. Read the details of how it works. Endorsed by John C. Dvorak of PC Magazine and This Week in Technology. Click here to Listen.
  • MailLaunder - Stopping Spam in its tracks. A gateway based solution for small businesses offering both anti-spam and anti-virus filtering. With our web-based quarantine, you are in complete control of your email. We offer a 30-day free trial.
  • Messagewash - (the 'links' page notes that they use SA.)
  • MXSEC - MXFront-End - Front End antispam filtering and e-mail defense. Effective defense against spam, viruses and other email threats. (PT-BR) Sistema Front-end de filtragem contra spam, vírus e emails maliciosos.
  • - provides Email Filtering services. We provide Web based email, as well as permitting authenticated relaying globally. Our Email Filtering (SPAM, Viruses, SPYWare, Trojans) is maintenance free. Our design was developed by Security Consultants and we have more than 50 Million Filtered connections. Our service has proven to stop Internet Attacks. Experience matters, and your security should too. 'FREE Two week trial for all New Accounts.'
  • E-Mail Scanning Cheap and efficient relay service using SA, ClamAV and Virusbuster.
  • RaptorEmailSecurity - Industry leading anti-spam, anti-malware and anti-phishing.
  • Spam Filtering Service - Seven Internet provides a backup MX, Spam & Antivirus filtering service to companies with microsoft exchange servers. We also provide spam assassin filtering for standard pop accounts.
  • Spam Interceptor - (the FAQ notes that they use SA): This is a web application which means you can use it on a Macintosh, Windows, Linux, or any operating system that has a web browser.
  • SpamMinder Managed E-mail Security - An business E-mail security solution provider, Managed email and virus filtering, mail spooling, web-based management, industry leading 7-day quarantine system, all based on a distributed SpamAssassin cloud. Protecting small, medium and large businesses since 2007! Visit our website for more information!
  • SpamOnion - SaNE, Inc offers the SpamOnion anti-spam filtering service. SpamOnion uses a layered approach to fighting spam, one of the layers being SpamAssassin. A quarantine area is also available (using DSPAM. We cater to small and medium sized business who are sick of spam. Please visit our website for information.
  • SpamTitan - SpamTitan antispam provides the most comprehensive solution to email threats on the market today. Our antispam software allows you to create an email appliance, real or virtual server for your gateway offering protection from Viruses, Spam, Malware, Phishing and unwanted content. The solution uses best of breed technologies to provide an easily installed, easily managed and highly secure solution for your email.
  • SpamZapper - SpamZapper filtering services deploy a Multi-layered defense for Email. User configurable for Email Hosting, Filtering, Storage and Forwarding Services. Hosting services for small, mid-size and global operations. SpamZapper stops Spam, Filters for MalWare, and stops Internet attacks with our exclusive Active Defense. SpamZapper is a Multi-Layered Defense for Email. Do you Remember communicating with email? Now you can put your Email address back on the websites.
  • TAOS-IT - is a relay service for whole domains that uses various techniques, including SpamAssassin and ClamAV and other, to block spam and viruses. High scoring spam, user setting, is blocked at SMTP level, while the grey spam part is tagged and forwarded. We are located in the Netherlands with multiple servers at different physical data centers to prevent downtime. More information on how it works More information on how it works (Dutch).
  • Spam Filtered Mail Relay - Spam Filtered Relay Service, TLS.

Spam Filtered Hosted Email Services

These are email hosting vendors who do it all for you. They clean your email and they host your email accounts. If you don't want to go to the trouble of setting all this up yourself you can hire these vendors to do it for you.

  • AlienCamel - "SMTP, IMAP, POP3, Webmail, Pending Email Advisory"
  • Computer Tyme Hosting - Home of Junk Email Filter Dot Com and includes email and web hosting services. Several unique services including direct server side folder delivery of IMAP email.
  • eDIY - New Zealand Email and Web Site Hosting - Using spamassassin for spam filtering and provides user managed POP3 and IMAP mail accounts with webmail access as well as a complete content management system for business websites.
  • Entanet - Business focused Anti Spam solution using Maia Mailguard (which in turn uses SpamAssassin)
  • Eole-ITS - Hosted and Fully Managed Email Services.
  • FastMail - "Fast free or paid IMAP webmail with SMTP, POP & IMAP access, file storage, other domains"
  • GeneticMail - Enterprise grade, TLS secured, e-mail, instant messaging, file sharing, domain hosting.
  • Mail My - Commercial/Free form processor which uses SpamAssassin to scan message content.
  • Mailtrust - email hosting - Business Email Hosting, Webmail Services, Microsoft Exchange Hosting. Over 90,000 business customers as of February 2008.
  • Prolifix LLC - Business class Web and Email hosting; our email hosting includes POP3, SMTP, and IMAP. We offer primary email hosting and backup MX hosting. Starting at $25 per year.
  • - "1 GB storage, no ads, access on Web, POP, SMTP, IMAP, WAP, and SMS, file storage"
  • - "Unlimited email accounts with IMAP, POP & WEB access. Your own domain and website with all the trimmings. Unlimited storage & no ads. Only £5pm."
  • - "Business Class Email Hosting and Services, Free Web Hosting for Email Hosting accounts."
  • - Email Hosting, Business Email Provider - Swishmail, based in New York City, provides reliable business email hosting with virus/spam-protection. Secure POP3/IMAP/SMTP/WEBMAIL access.
  • TUFFMAIL - "webmail -Business /Personal IMAP, POP3, SMTP, SSL, TLS"
  • Email Hosting - Business email outsourcing solution. All email is scanned for spam and viruses. All accounts include SMTP, POP3, and IMAP, and Web based access.
  • Spam Filtered EMail Hosting - Spam Filtered, TLS, SSL, IMAP, POP3.

Note for Vendors

If your commercial product uses SpamAssassin, and is not listed here, please feel free to edit the page and add details. If it's not obvious that you use SpamAssassin then perhaps you do not want to list your product here.

However, keep it short here; one paragraph or so. This is a place to introduce your services. Go into details on your web pages. The idea here is to provide people who might want to have someone do their spam filtering for them a place to see what vendors offer.

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