Stats Plugin

NOTE: This module requires SpamAssassin 3.1+

Stats Plugin provides real-time statistics genereated by SpamAssassin. Statistics are stored inside of a MySQL table (defined as stats) which contains the following information:

$day $username $domain $ham $spam

Each entry is rotated daily, meaning when the day changes a new entry is placed into the table with the new date and the following fields are set to zero: ham, spam.

To Begin Using

To begin using the Stats Plugin you will need to create a table for the plugin to write to. Here is the necessary schema:

Warning: The code below is only compatible with MySQL 4.1+! (Just like most of the SQL code for SpamAssassin 3.1)

If you are using MySQL 4.0 and below you can download the old plugin, which contains a possible race condition here.

  day date NOT NULL default'',
  username varchar(100) NOT NULL default '',
  domain varchar(100) default '',
  spam int(20) default '0',
  ham int(20) default '0',
  PRIMARY KEY (day,username,domain)

Once the table has been created you will need to add the following options into your or other configuration file:

  • You will need to replace the following variables with settings for your configuration*
# Configure SQL for statistical storage
use_stats                       1
user_stats_dsn                  DBI:mysql:spamassassin_beta:sql_hostname
user_stats_sql_username         sql_username
user_stats_sql_password         sql_password
user_stats_sql_table            sql_table

Then the plugin will need to be added to your init.pre or other .pre file:

# Stats Plugin - store stats in a MySQL DB
loadplugin Mail::SpamAssassin::Plugin::Stats

Finally, we need to put the plugin inside of the SpamAssassin plugin directory. You can copy the code below, but I would recommend downloading it from my site.

=head1 NAME

package Mail::SpamAssassin::Plugin::Stats - Keep Real Time SpamAssassin Stastics 


  loadplugin Mail::SpamAssassin::Plugin::Stats

  use_stats                       1
  user_stats_dsn                  DBI:mysql:spamassassin_beta:sql_hostname
  user_stats_sql_username         sql_user
  user_stats_sql_password         sql_pass
  user_stats_sql_table            stats


This SpamAssassin plugin records real-time, user-level statistics.  The statistics are stored inside of a MySQL database and are rotated daily.  Each entry inside the table contains the current date, user, domain, number of hams (legitimate mail) and the number of spams (unsolicited mail).  

package Mail::SpamAssassin::Plugin::Stats;

use strict;
use warnings;
use bytes;
use Mail::SpamAssassin;
use Mail::SpamAssassin::Logger;

use vars qw(@ISA);
@ISA = qw(Mail::SpamAssassin::Plugin);

sub new {

  my ($class, $mailsa) = @_;
  $class = ref($class) || $class;
  my $self = $class->SUPER::new($mailsa);
  bless ($self, $class);



sub set_config {

  my ($self, $conf) = @_;
  my @cmds = ();

  push (@cmds, {
        setting => 'use_stats',
        default => 1,
        type => $Mail::SpamAssassin::Conf::CONF_TYPE_NUMERIC,

  push (@cmds, {
        setting => 'user_stats_dsn',
        type => $Mail::SpamAssassin::Conf::CONF_TYPE_STRING,

  push (@cmds, {
        setting => 'user_stats_sql_username',
        type => $Mail::SpamAssassin::Conf::CONF_TYPE_STRING,

  push (@cmds, {
        setting => 'user_stats_sql_password',
        type => $Mail::SpamAssassin::Conf::CONF_TYPE_STRING,

  push (@cmds, {
        setting => 'user_stats_sql_table',
        type => $Mail::SpamAssassin::Conf::CONF_TYPE_STRING,


sub check_end {
  my ($self, $params) = @_;
  my $pms = $params->{permsgstatus};

  return 0 unless ($pms->{conf}->{use_stats});

  dbg("stats: Executing stats-plugin");

  my $dsn = $self->{main}->{conf}->{user_stats_dsn};
  if (!defined($dsn)) {
        dbg("stats: no DSN specified; HALT!");
        return 1;

  require DBI;

  my $main = $self->{main};
  my $dbuser = $main->{conf}->{user_stats_sql_username};
  my $dbpass = $main->{conf}->{user_stats_sql_password};
  my $table = $main->{conf}->{user_stats_sql_table};

  my $f_spam = 'spam';
  my $f_ham = 'ham';
  my $f_username = 'username';
  my $f_domain = 'domain';
  my $f_day = 'day';
  my $isspam;
  my $user;
  my $domain;

  my $username = $self->{main}->{username};
  $username = lc($username);
  my $score = $pms->{score};
  my $required_score = $main->{conf}->{required_score};

  dbg("stats: Splitting $username based on @");
  ($user,$domain) =  split /@/,$username;
  if (!defined($domain)) {
        $domain = '';

  dbg("stats: User: $user Domain: $domain");
  dbg("stats: Message Score: $score out of $required_score");

  if ($score >= $required_score ) {
        $isspam = 1;
  else {
        $isspam = 0;

  dbg("stats: IsSpam is $isspam");

  my $dbh = DBI->connect($dsn, $dbuser, $dbpass, {'PrintError' => 0});

  if ($dbh) {
        &execute_stats($user, $domain, $dbh, $table, $f_spam, $f_ham, $f_username, $f_domain, $f_day, $isspam);
  else {
        die "stats: SQL error: " . DBI->errstr . "\n";

sub execute_stats {
  my ($user, $domain, $dbh, $table, $f_spam, $f_ham, $f_username, $f_domain, $f_day, $isspam) = @_;

  my $column = ($isspam) ? $f_spam : $f_ham;

  my $sql = "INSERT into $table set $f_day = curdate(), $f_username='$user', $column=1";
  $sql .= ", $f_domain='$domain'" if $domain;
  $sql .= " ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE $column = $column + 1";

  dbg("stats: config: SQL executing $sql");
  my $rv = $dbh->do($sql);

  if ($rv) {
        dbg("stats: Updated $column for $user $domain");
  else {
        die "stats: SQL error: " . $dbh->errstr . "\n";




Use this plugin at your own risk. I cannot guarantee it will not cause you issues!

If you have any problems with this plugin, suggestions, or would like to submit modifications to it please contact me at:

jamesk at okeating dot net

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