Upgrade Gotchas for 3.0.0

First, see the UPGRADE file from the distribution for the basic gotchas.

  • SpamAssassin 3.0.0 has a significantly different API (Application Program Interface) from the 2.x series of code. This means that if you use SpamAssassin through a third-party utility (milter, etc,) you need to make sure you have an updated version which supports 3.0.0, such as:
  • Configuration settings that include the word "hits" have generally been renamed to use the word "score" instead, for consistency.
  • If you were using always_add_report 1, you now need to put this in your config: add_header all Report REPORT
  • If you don't want bayes to auto learn, you now need to use "bayes_auto_learn 0" instead of "auto_learn 0"
  • For administrators of large sites who either permit individual user preferences or allow per user bayesian databases, here's a script that may help you upgrade from SA 2.x to 3.x. Bayesian database are converted along with the translation of deprecated user preferences to their newer syntax. Some site specific customisations will be required.