SpamAssassin Apache Voting Procedure

We follow the Apache Voting Procedure, with the below modifications.

Binding and Non-binding Votes

In all cases, votes are welcome as an indication of how people feel about the issues being discussed; however, only votes from certain groups are considered "binding".

For code modifications, patches, and R-T-C changes to svn, committers have the binding votes. However, for "ready to release" and project-procedural ASF votes, votes must come from PMC members to be considered binding.

(Note: previously committers could vote for releases, but this has had to be changed, due to ASF regulations. While the Apache Voting page is a little unclear on the subject, discussion on the 'legal-discuss' list has made it clear that it is part of the ASF's bylaws that PMCs, and only PMCs, can direct this action. See this message for example.)

Votes For Code Modifications

See DevelopmentMode for notes on C-T-R and R-T-C voting, and vetoing code changes.

Setting up Subprojects

Requires +1s from more than half of the PMC membership.

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