Some drafts/suggestions for a new Apache StreamPipes logo:


  • This one is cool - maybe should also have this one paired with the Apache as the banner kinda style (Patrick)
  • +1 I also like this one (Dominik)

  • +1 (Branislav)
  • +1 (Philipp)
    • I also like #4
  • +1 (Patrick)
  • +1 (Dominik) I really like that

  • Better than #2 (Johannes)

  • This is my favorite one - it looks really clean and straightforward (Branislav)
  • +1 if we want to rotate the logo (Patrick)
  • -0 rotating the logo would require substantial changes in our slide sets, the web application and website, would like to avoid this as I don't like this much more than the current logo

  • +1 (Branislav)
  • -1. this could be misleading and people might think the name is "treampipes" (Patrick)
  • big -1, as this leads to a word mark that cannot be used without the corresponding figurative mark and additionally might be misleading. (Dominik) 

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  1. Greetings everyone, 

    As I stated above, I really like #7.

    Also, I was wondering whether you considered rotating "main" logo by 90° (counter-)clockwise. This way, you will get an "S" (as in Stream) created from the pipe (as in Pipes) in logo. I believe it can look interesting.

  2. I added #12, rotated SP Logo with removed "S".

    1. This is interesting twist.

      I believe this could work. However, I think that the "S" in the logo should be somehow emphasized. Maybe the dark part should also be green, so the "S" gets the same color as the "P" in "pipes". But then the "main logo" gets plain and dull, so this needs some thinking.

      Nevertheless, I like the idea.