Faster build times

  • use a minimal shell: export CONFIG_SHELL=/bin/sh
  • put the source tree in an SSD, if you have one.
  • put the build tree in a tmpfs: cd tmpfs-mountpoint && /path/to/configure $ARGS
  • disable unneeded components: --without-berkeley-db --without-neon --without-serf --without-apxs --without-sasl --without-swig --without-ctypesgen --disable-javahl --without-kwallet --without-gnome-keyring --without-libmagic --disable-nls (etc)
  • don't build tools: run make bin apache-mod check-deps instead of make
  • reduce output: pass '-q' to configure, '-s' to make
  • enable configure's cache: pass '-C' to configure
  • enable concurrency: pass '-j' or '-j[number]' to make
    • use cpuset(1)/taskset(1) to bind make to N-1 CPUs
  • dependencies: build against installed dependencies rather than in-tree dependencies
  • don't build both static and shared libraries: pass either --disable-static or --disable-shared to configure.

Faster check times

  • CLEANUP="" (and empty svn-test-work/ before the build)
  • put svn-test-work/ in a tmpfs
  • reduce output: set SET_LOG_LEVEL=WARN, or disable verbose logging to tests.log
  • set $TMPDIR to the tmpfs filesystem
  • don't enable SELinux at boot.

dev@ threads about faster build/check times

Suppress sqlite warning messages

  • First, take a snapshot of all the 'native' compiler messages that come with the trunk:

make 1> 2>stderr.constant; sort -u stderr.constant > stderr.unique;
grep -v -F sqlite stderr.unique

This suppresses the sqlite warnings and shows you only the current warning messages that are actually ~/trunk related.

  • Any subsequent compilations that are started with the command below will use the generated stderr.unique file to filter output and suppress every compiler message that is 'native' to the trunk, leaving just the messages that pertain to your code:

make 2>&1 > | tee | grep -v -F -f stderr.unique >&2 2>/dev/null

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