Develop a URL "permalink" scheme to refer to our various resources. Technology-ignorant URLs, all under

Existing Resource URLs

All the Subversion project resource URLs that exist in the '' namespace should be listed. Some resources in other namespaces may also be listed.

The focus here is on resources that are implemented by other systems (issue tracker, wiki, etc.). Some resources that are implemented as web pages in our 'site' hierarchy may also be listed.

URL exampleSyntaxHow?FunctionalityNotes

/issue/1234^/issue[^A-Za-z0-9]?(\d+)$redirectJiraexists (in our .htaccess); various separators accepted for manual usage convenience; let's specify '/' as the canonical separator

redirectViewVCexists (in ASF's .htaccess?)


redirects to

(implemented as a symlink to a filesystem path)


a specific list


a specific message
Wiki<ID><ID>redirectConfluencewe don't know how permanent these "permanent" links are; they're not user-friendly; they don't support a section within page

Wanted Resource URLs

Under construction – just starting points for discussion

URL exampleSyntaxFunctionalityNotes


/issue/1234/issue/<N>[-<IGNORED-TEXT]ideally could it display Jira issue directly? otherwise redirect


/r840074/r<REV>[-<IGNORED-TEXT>]viewvcshould translate pre-ASF revnums too

/email/message-id/xxxx/email/message-id/<MESSAGE-ID>[-<IGNORED-TEXT>]point to one message in archive

/email/dev/email/<LIST>points into an archive view

/email/dev/date/20180101/email/<LIST>/date/[YYYY[MM[DD[THH[MM[SS]]]]]]points into an archive view

PageName is a user-friendly annotation, to be ignored by the look-up

/irc/svn-dev/date/20180101T2359/irc/<CHANNEL>/date/[YYYY[MM[DD[THH[MM[SS]]]]]]points into an archive viewvariable precision allowed in the date/time

/irc/svn-dev/msgid/xxxx/irc/svn-dev/msgid/<ID>point to one message in archive
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