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This page contains topics supporting ongoing discussion at

Tracked as SYNCOPE-750 and SYNCOPE-744.

The idea is to provide some general insights and statistics for the current domain, once logged into the admin console.

  • General information
    • CPU usage
    • JVM memory usage
    • uptime
    • hostname, IP address
    • ConnId locations
  • Configuration "completeness" - define some elements composing a "complete configuration", with an associated percentage (e.g. an account policy at least -> 10%, a password policy at least -> 20%, a resource at least -> 25% and so on), then report how much complete is the current configuration, with handful links for providing the missing bits
  • Numbers (per realm)
    • Total
      • users (active, inactive, pending approval, ...)
      • groups
      • any objects
    • New in the last period (day / week / month)
      • users (active, inactive, pending approval, ...)
      • groups
      • any objects
  • Tasks & Reports
    • Last N completed task / report executions, with status (SUCCESSS / FAILURE)
    • Running tasks / reports - with controls to force stop
  • JPA cache statistics (disabled by default, can be enabled upon request, based on cacheStats.jsp)
  • Reconciliation status - will provide handle to run the reconciliation report (from SYNCOPE-766) with information about how many users / groups / any objects are assigned to a given resource but not reported there
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