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In case the Syncope 2.0 deployment is based on Maven project, It is strongly advised to generate a new Maven project for 2.1 and to re-apply all the customizations and extensions made.

Upgrading to Syncope 2.1.0?

There is an issue with Syncope 2.1.0 (fixed for later releases), which requires to modify the sources of the generated Maven project.

The following lines must be removed from console/pom.xml in order to avoid build errors:

  <!-- TEST -->

Default implementations

This change is primarily due to the introduction of default methods on interfaces.

All local classes extending default implementations such as DefaultPropagationActions, DefaultPullActions, DefaultPushActions, ... must be changed to implement the related interfaces, e.g. PropagationActions, PullActions, PushActions, ...


Various methods now return Optional, rather than nullable values as before; for example:

Syncope 2.0

now becomes

Syncope 2.1

Check the Javadocs to find out which methods are now returning Optional.



Ensure to copy the following values from Syncope 2.0's into Syncope 2.1's:

  • secretKey
  • anonymousKey
  • jwsKey

Moreover, when the Java EE container running Syncope Core is down, remove all existing Access Tokens:

DELETE FROM AccessToken;


The procedure outlined here is only required if Syncope 2.0 was configured to use the Activiti user workflow adapter.

The changes below will allow the new Flowable user workflow adapter to deal with the Activiti workflow definition from Syncope 2.0; more details are available in the Flowable website.

Once set, any update to the workflow definition will be automatically migrated to the new Flowable format.

Additional Maven dependencies

Add to core/pom.xml the following dependencies:


right after


Flowable configuration adjustments

In core/src/main/webapp/WEB-INF/web.xml, replace




then download workflowFlowableContext.xml, save it under core/src/main/resources and add

<bean id="flowable5CompabilityFactory" class="org.activiti.compatibility.spring.SpringFlowable5CompatibilityHandlerFactory"/>

right before </beans> and 

    <property name="flowable5CompatibilityEnabled" value="true" />
    <property name="flowable5CompatibilityHandlerFactory" ref="flowable5CompabilityFactory"/>

right after </property>.

Logging tuning

Add the following to core/src/main/resources/log4j2.xml:

    <asyncLogger name="org.activiti" additivity="false" level="ERROR">
      <appender-ref ref="mainFile"/>
      <appender-ref ref="main"/>

Internal Storage

The steps to upgrade the internal storage to Syncope 2.1.0 are outlined in the Reference Guide.

Upgrading to Syncope 2.1.0?

There is an issue with Syncope 2.1.0 (fixed for later releases), which requires to add few SQL statements to the ones generated by the upgrade tool:

UPDATE SyncopeUser SET mustChangePassword=0 WHERE mustChangePassword IS NULL;
UPDATE VirSchema SET readonly=0 WHERE readonly IS NULL;
UPDATE ExternalResource SET overrideCapabilities=0 WHERE overrideCapabilities IS NULL;
UPDATE Task SET active=0 WHERE active IS NULL;

Do not forget to restart the Java EE container where Syncope Core is deployed, after executing the SQL statements above.

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