Source changes

Breaking changes

Syncope 3.0.2 is the first release compliant with reproducible builds.

This implies some changes in the build process that are likely to affect the Maven projects based on Syncope 3.0.1.

In general, the following property replacements shall be made:

Detailed upgrade instructions are reported below.


In the root pom.xml:

  • change parent/version from 3.0.1 to 3.0.2
  • change properties/syncope.version from 3.0.1 to 3.0.2

In fit/pom.xml:

  • for cargo-maven3-plugin:


    add inside <systemProperties>:


Other files

In all instances of log4j2.xml:

  • replace all occurrencies of ${} with ${sys:syncope.log.dir}

In all instances of MasterContent.xml:

  • replace all occurrencies of ${} with ${syncope.conf.dir}
  • replace all occurrencies of ${connid.location} with ${syncope.connid.location}

Replace the following files with their 3.0.2 counterparts (re-apply any customization previously made):

Deployment directories

The following instructions are related to the reference directory layout, hence might need to be adjusted depending on your actual layout.

Ensure to add the following system properties:



If the Elasticsearch extension was enabled, a full re-index is required to keep working.

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