Tiles 2.1.2 has been released as GA, so a release plan is necessary for the new versions of Tiles.

 Tiles 2.2.x

Tiles 2.2.x series will be a feature-richer verion, that will concentrate on more template language support. In particular, native FreeMarker and Velocity support, whose sources are currently in the sandbox.

An intermediate common layer, that contains all the common code for every template language, should be extracted, to write less code.

Other expression languages support, such as OGNL and MVEL, may be included.

Tiles 3.0.x

The Tiles 3.0.x will be incompatible with past releases, except of a compatibility layer that could be added.

The things to do are:

  • Remove deprecations.
  • Remove parameter-based configuration, and move toward pure Java configuration.  The parameter-based configuration is hard to maintain and difficult to test.
  • Use a chain-of-responbility pattern, since Tiles seems to work in several processing steps.
  • Extract the request abstraction layer (TilesRequestContext etc.), a real "framework in the framework" that will become a first-class-citizen. Consider the merge with Scopes.
  • Refactor the template-common layer to use the request abstraction framework. This way, the code will be mostly in this layer; the technology-specific code will be only an adaptation layer. Consider automatic generation of tags.
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