The Tiles Project currently contains 3 releasable applications. Each of these should utilize the template below in order to perform the release. This will ensure that the releases are consistent, signed, and properly staged for voting. The 3 releasable modules include:

  1. Master Pom
  2. Framework (w/ Modules)
    1. tiles-api
    2. tiles-core
    3. tiles-test
    4. tiles-jsp
  3. Showcase

Setting Up the Release Manager Environment

One Time Setup Items (maven settings.xml, etc. . )

Performing a Release

When you're ready to perform a release of one of the distributions listed above, copy the template or the previous release of that distribution, and start plugging through it.

Mail Templates

Sample Test Build Announcement

(tick) Test builds are only announced to the dev list. Announcements to the user list can only be made pursuant to a release vote with the consent of the PMC.

The test build of Tiles 2.0.0 is available.

No determination as to the quality ('alpha,' 'beta,' or 'GA') of Tiles 2.0.0 has been made, and at this time it is simply a "test build". We welcome any comments you may have, and will take all feedback into account if a quality vote is called for this build.

Release notes:

  • [LINK]


Maven 2 staging repository:

We appreciate the time and effort everyone has put toward contributing code and documentation, posting to the mailing lists, and logging issues.

Sample Release/Quality Vote

The Tiles #.#.# test build has been available since ## ### ####.

Release notes:

  • [LINK]


Maven 2 staging repository:

If you have had a chance to review the test build, please respond with a vote on its quality:

[ ] Leave at test build
[ ] Alpha
[ ] Beta
[ ] General Availability (GA)

Everyone who has tested the build is invited to vote. Votes by PMC members are considered binding. A vote passes if there are at least three binding +1s and more +1s than -1s.

Sample Release Announcement

The Apache Tiles team is pleased to announce the release of Tiles #.#.# $GRADE.

Tiles #.#.# is available in a full distribution, or as separate library, source, example and documentation distributions.

It is also available in the central Maven repository under Group ID "org.apache.tiles".

The #.#.x series of the Apache Tiles framework has a minumum requirement of the following specification versions:

  • Java Servlet #.# and JavaServer Pages (JSP) #.#
  • Java 2 Standard Platform Edition (J2SE) #.#

The release notes are available online at:

  • [LINK]