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Placeholder for building out the structure of a community designed and maintained Tomcat training course.

Rough idea at this stage is a number of modules that can be combined into training courses as required.



  • BGD01: What is Tomcat? Quickstart. Tour of a typical installation


  • DEP01: Packaging and deployment
    • Understanding web.xml
    • Deployment with and without web.xml


  • LOG01: Tomcat and app logging config with rotation, archive, clean-up etc for experienced sysadmins


  • TLS01: TLS background
  • TLS02: Step-by-step instructions for JSSE style config
  • TLS03: Step-by-step instructions for OpenSSL style config
  • TLS04: Step-by-step instructions for LetsEncrypt
  • TLS05: Instructions for other CAs


  • PER01: Performance metrics, tuning parameters


  • COM01: State of the Cat (review of current state of development, highlights of recent activity, plans for the future) 
  • COM02: How to contribute
  • COM03: How to become a committer


  • SEC01: Authn & authz
    • LDAP
  • SEC02: Hardening
    • File system permissions



Tomcat for system administrators

Target Audience: System administrators with little or no experience of Apache Tomcat

Modules: BGD01, DEP01, LOG01, TLS01, TLS03, PER01


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