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Implement IETF QUIC into ATS Core.

Design Doc

The UDP core and QUIC (It explain how the UDP core works and how the UDPPacket enters the QUIC stack.)

Data Flow (draft-05 : Second Implementation)


QUIC Connection/Stream - ATS Client Session/Transaction mapping


Please label issues and pull-requests with "QUIC".

Branching Rules


  • quic-latest : latest branch
  • quic-05 : draft-05 & Second Implementations ( except HelloRetryRequest )

Development Rules


Please send Pull-Requests to "quic-latest" branch until it merged into master branch


Use Catch as Unit Test Framework. The header file is under tests/include.

How to build

Build (custom) OpenSSL (1.1.1-dev) 

$ git clone --depth 1 --branch quic-draft-13
$ cd openssl
$ ./config --prefix=/PATH/TO/THE/OPENSSL
$ make
$ make install

Build ATS (quic-latest branch)

The requirements are same to master branch : Installing From Source Code

$ git clone --depth 1 --branch quic-latest
$ cd trafficserver
$ ./configure --prefix=/PATH/TO/THE/ATS --with-openssl=/PATH/TO/THE/OPENSSL --enable-debug
$ make
$ make install


Configuration files are located in the /PATH/TO/THE/ATS/etc/trafficserver/.

  • records.config
# run 1 UDP thread at least
CONFIG proxy.config.udp.threads INT 1
# open server port for quic
CONFIG proxy.config.http.server_ports STRING 4433:quic
# enable debug log if you want
CONFIG proxy.config.diags.debug.enabled INT 1
CONFIG proxy.config.diags.debug.tags STRING quic
 A diff from default records.config
> CONFIG proxy.config.udp.threads INT 1
< CONFIG proxy.config.http.server_ports STRING 8080 8080:ipv6
> CONFIG proxy.config.http.server_ports STRING 4433:quic
< CONFIG proxy.config.diags.debug.enabled INT 0
< CONFIG proxy.config.diags.debug.tags STRING http|dns
> CONFIG proxy.config.diags.debug.enabled INT 1
> CONFIG proxy.config.diags.debug.tags STRING quic


  • ssl_multicert.config
    •  Please use absolute path to the cert and private key until Issue #2358 is fixed.
dest_ip=* ssl_cert_name=/PATH/TO/THE/CERT ssl_key_name=/PATH/TO/THE/PRIVATE/KEY/OF/CERT
  • remap.config
    • Remap request to origin server.
map /



Patches has additional patch to make debug logs readable.

QUIC specific configurations

Following docs will be moved to

Please note that current name of configurations and default values might be changed before merged in to master branch.


.. ts:cv:: CONFIG proxy.config.quic.no_activity_timeout_in INT 30

   Specifies how long Traffic Server keeps QUIC connections to clients open if a transaction stalls.

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